nikita (hukuma) wrote,

time management, part 2

Well, that didn't work. I did manage to wake up by 6 (I actually woke up a short while before the alarm), but it nevertheless took me until 6:45 to start my workout at the gym. Part of the problem was that I forgot my water bottle and decided to go back for it (in retrospect, I should have just bought one at the gym), and I also took 10 minutes or so to have coffee before starting the workout, since I find otherwise I don't have the energy to make it through. Anyway, I got back home a little before 8, but with shower, more coffee, and breakfast, I didn't leave until just after 9, so it was actually 3.5 hours from waking to arriving at the office.

So I think I'll take everyone's advice and stick with having breakfast before going to work out. I'm still not convinced it's completely necessary: I made it through my workout fine this morning without food, and unless I have a really big breakfast, it's unlikely that I can get enough energy to get me through my workout anyway (at least if you believe the calorie meter on the elliptical that read out 600 for this morning), but I think the timing will probably be better.
Tags: exercise, time

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