nikita (hukuma) wrote,

i left my heart in san francisco

As I was driving to the airport, NPR had a segment talking about Tony Bennett re-recording his classic at age 80, and I was thinking of the smile that was plastered on my face as I left the office. The other segments talked about the effects of the snow storm, with roads being closed, backed up, or iced over, and flights being canceled or delayed up to 4 hours. I was a little nervous on the drive, but things turned out about as well as they possibly could: the roads were clear and uncongested, my flight left on time and arrived 10 minutes early, and I managed to score the best seat on the plane! (12F, with no seat in front of me, so I could literally stretch my legs out!) The only thing that was at all bad that my contraband tube of toothpaste was confiscated. It had barely any toothpaste left, but as the guard explained, it's the size of the container — apparently, they're worried about me mixing up explosives inside a toothpaste tube. Ah well, at least my contraband deodorant gel made it through.
Tags: airplanes, heart, san francisco, seats, tony bennett, toothpaste, travel, tsa, weather

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