nikita (hukuma) wrote,

going where the weather suits my clothes

Wednesday night, as we were having coffee on the patio of Café Kopi, my colleague remarked that this literally the last few hours of pleasant weather we were going to have this winter. Indeed, at midnight it turned to rain, which became freezing rain by yesterday afternoon, and now we're in a full-blown snow-storm. Soba had been mostly cooped up at the house, driving us a little nuts with all the extra puppy energy, but today she's finally decided to brave the snow and has been running around in it... for brief stints.

Anyway, there's only one way to respond to weather like that — go to California! I'm spending the weekend plus Monday in the Bay area. That is, assuming I make my flight. Fortunately, I'm avoiding connections and flying straight out of O'Hare (this meant that we had to fix our second car so that fanlain could use it over the weekend.) United canceled the morning flight to Oakland, but mine is still on the schedule. Of course, that all could change, and I could even get stuck in the snow on my way to Chicago. Well, my plan is to leave right after my class and see if I'll make it. Unless all my students decide to skip class today...
Tags: snow, soba, travel, weather

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