nikita (hukuma) wrote,

first halloween

This was Soba's first halloween. And in a way, my first, too. I (obviously) never went trick-or-treating as a kid, and up till now, we've always lived in neighborhoods where people don't go asking strangers for candy, for who knows what kind of stuff college kids will dream up. But our neighborhood, we were told, was a prime destination, with people coming from all over town to visit. My colleague who lives five doors down said that he had something like 80 kids last year, when it was pouring out!

So we stocked up, and then I got worried and had fanlain stock up some more, but our turnout was lackluster. We probably saw 30 or 40 kids all together. One thing we didn't take into account is that my colleague lives on a main street, right by the corner of the more expensive subdivision, while we live on a smaller side street. But it sounds like the turnout today was lower in general than people were expecting, not really sure why. So we have way too much leftover candy; I hope my students tomorrow come hungry...

Soba did pretty well today; she jumped at the door when the kids came and then wagged her tail madly as we held her back while the kids got their candy. One little girl was a little scared so fanlain had to go outside to give her candy. Other kids were excited to see a puppy. And we met one girl who said that she used to spend a lot of time in this house, back when her friend lived here. (Upon probing, it seems this was the kid of the original owners, two before us.) I wonder what she thinks of us.

I had this funny experience at lunchtime. I saw a kid walking along sporting a tie-dye shirt and a beard with dreadlocks. I thought to myself that he looked a little out of place, and it took me a few seconds to realize that he was in fact wearing a costume. I guess I'm still a little fresh out of Berkeley.
Tags: berkeley, halloween, kids, soba

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