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a blast from the past

Here is something I wrote about what happened 7 years ago on Oct 8th.

I went to see Lamb this past Friday, and it was pretty cool. After a parking hunt, I walk up to the place, and it was sold out. Bummer! So I look aroudn for scalpers, find none. Some girls are asking everyone for extra tickets, very actively. I decide to stand by their side for a while, and a few minutes later, they manage to acquire the ones they need. I'm impressed, so I take my spot up the food chain and start asking people myself. After a while, this couple comes up, and they have an extra ticket; wohoo! They notice a number of other people milling around, wanting tickets and decide to determine my "worthiness", which consisted of the question "what's track #4 called?" I search my memory (like I remember track listings), and answer "does that one even have a title?" they say good answer, hand me a flier and a ticket. Score! I try to give them money, but they walk away. So I get in, for free, the concert is just beginning... once whatsherface starts to sing, I'm reminded of just how cool her voice is, and when she gets to "gold", it sounds just as great as it did the first time I heard it, only better, because it was live, and I think to myself: "this boy's in heaven!" :)

I wrote this to a friend because it was a memorable part of the evening. What I left out from that message was how after the concert, I went to a party at the House of Toast, and met the woman I would later marry. But I guess I didn't know that part just yet...

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