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on the midwest

When we named our dog Soba, we expected to get a lot of quizzical looks when we explain the name as people as: "you mean, like the noodle?" And then we'd have to launch into a big explanation of how yes, it is like the noodle, but really it has no special hidden meaning, we just thought it made a cute name. What we didn't expect was the universal reaction we're getting instead: "Soba? What does that mean?" Turns out that most of the people in the midwest don't actually know what a Soba noodle is and so for them it's just a random sequence of syllables.

Well, in Puppy Kindergarten ("Puppy K") today we met a woman who has a slightly older and bigger black lab. It was actually very nice because during the free play session, Soba tried to push the bigger lab around but he just jumped on top of her and put her in her place, and after that she was much more mellow. We were thinking: can your puppy come over every day? I think we didn't express our excitement at this to the dog's owner very well, though, since she was a little worried and defensive, saying "he's usually pretty mellow..." and "she seemed to be having fun..." (both of which were true, of course), not understanding how happy we were to see Soba have what we think is a pretty positive interaction.

As we were leaving, she asked us what our puppy's name was. When we told her, she said: "What, like the noodle?" We looked at her in total shock, telling her she's the first person in town to ask us that question, and how no one else seems to even know what Soba noodles are. She just smiled, looked at us with understanding, and said: "I'm vegetarian."
Tags: culture, midwest, puppy k, soba

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