nikita (hukuma) wrote,

3^H0 days since last accident

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And things were going so well! Though I still think we're on the winning side of the battle. Soba didn't so much decide to go in the house but rather forgot to decide to go elsewhere, since she was excited after playing and barking at random things outside the front door. I guess I should have pre-emptively taken her outside before she realized that she needed to go. But I'm sure even this will get better with time.

Today started with a trip to Mirabelle's, where we bought 4(!) baguettes (we're planning to make bruschetta for the neighborhood picnic tomorrow) and the farmer's market, where we probably spent way too much money but got bunches of fresh fruit, veggies, pastries from the Russian lady, and meat from the farm. There was a game at the university, and the weather was looking threatening, so the market was pleasantly uncrowded.

After that we were supposed to go to the hardware store, but fell asleep instead. I think part of the problem is that with Soba around, it's hard to catch up on sleep when you're behind, since 8 hours is really the limit of how long she can stay in the crate. Making things worse, I for some reason have been unable to sleep well and usually wake up every 10-20 minutes between 4 and 7 (possibly due to the extra coffee I'm drinking to compensate).

Eventually I woke up and made it to the store, picking up such exciting tools as a rake and a dremmel. (Well, ok, the dremmel is a pretty exciting tool.) I've started to pick up some of the dead grass on our disaster of a lawn, and am now trying to figure out if the right next step is fertilizing it. It's patchy and unhealthy, but there are areas, mainly next to our neighbor's lawns and next to the house, where the grass grows well. I used to think that this is due to watering, but it's been raining quite a bit lately and I'm starting to think that soil quality is the reason.

The dremmel was bought to trim Soba's nails; I've read many people using it with much success, and the breeder even showed us how to do it. But this has so far not worked out, as she gets too nervous when I hold her paw and try to use the dremmel, so I guess we'll need to re-introduce her to it slowly. She had a pretty big day today — we took her around the block and she was very excited the whole time.
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