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We're finally home! We arrived around 7, after waiting 45 minutes for our luggage, and barely managed to do some shopping and cook and eat dinner before crashing just after 9pm. (fanlain didn't actually manage to finish her dinner before falling asleep.) As a result, I was up around 5:30 today. I figured I'd use the extra morning time to mow the lawn before it got obscenely hot, but no such luck — the grass was too wet from the dew. So instead, I used my morning to catch up on my two weeks of email. I'd managed to briefly log online three times during the trip, but always to quickly do something, rather than check email or LJ, and so I had a few hundred messages to deal with. I'm now mostly caught up, though there are still a few that need replying to. I'm just giving up on LJ and starting anew from today. I wish there was some way to select out only the important posts out of the last two weeks, but I'll settle for learning about interesting new events through osmosis.

The trip itself was great, though perhaps a little too long — both fanlain and I were ready to go home a couple of days sooner than we did. The last few days we spent in Å, I was feeling both restless from staying in one place and too tired to do much wandering around. (Though we did manage a 20km round-trip hike in order to visit an ATM.) I'll try to write down some snippets about our travel over the next few days, but for now I've got to get back to email and housework. Unfortunately, we couldn't find our camera charger cable before leaving, so there will be no photos. Then again, I haven't posted the photos from the last few trips we took, so perhaps you won't notice the difference.
Tags: home, honeymoon, norway, travel

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