nikita (hukuma) wrote,

ocean view

We had decided on all the paint colours, but before buying enough to paint the whole room, I figured I'd buy a small amount and test it out. Good thing I did; the paint we got for the guest room (Ocean Ridge) turned out to be way too purple. We then made a mad dash back to Home Depot before they closed, arrived about 5 minutes prior to closing, but they were still nice enough to let us think about paint chips for about 45 seconds and make us another quart of a different blue (Ocean View). That one was looking too light when I first tried it, scaring us again, but after it dried it turned a nice colour. Hopefully it will still look good during the day tomorrow, because I'd like to be able to tell our future guests that they can enjoy the ocean view when they visit us.
Tags: home depot, house, ocean view, paint

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