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bay area

I ran into a junior CS prof on my flight from Champaign to Chicago; turns out he was heading to San Francisco as well, so we got to chat about grades, students, research, and children while waiting for our flight. The flight itself was delayed by a little over an hour, first due to incoming ATC congestion, and then for a few more minutes waiting for a plane that had declared emergency to land. There were firetrucks everywhere, but it seems it was mostly a precautionary measure, as I didn't see any fireballs. I picked up a rental car with more complicated control buttons than my Prius (actually, the Prius UI is reasonably intuitive) and made it over to chimerically's and dag29580863's for bab5, this time arriving at a reasonable hour. It was nice to see everyone and hang out and talk about time loops, NP-completeness, and the quirkiness of the reproductive systems of spotted hyenas.

Friday morning I slept in, then drove over to Berkeley where I enjoyed some Peet's while reading home magazine and waiting for people to meet me at the Cheeseboard. When people finally gathered, we had a nice time munching on yummy (but fanlain-unfriendly) pizza and quoting parts of Colbert's Correspondents Dinner segment to jilflirt. (NB: I see Google has finally hit the 64-bit barrier by the minus sign in that URL.) I walked up to Soda Hall where I got to talk with a couple of my old professors and then got sucked into an interesting naming discussion (oxymoron, no?) about Joe-E. It had a nice effect of helping me wait out the rain before walking back down to the car.

My dinner plans were with enochsmiles and maradydd in San Jose, so I stopped by Andronico's to pick up something for dessert... and nearly cried at the display of produce and other sundry decadent foods. I almost feel like I miss the food from the Bay area more than the people, since at least I can keep in touch with people over LJ. Something I don't miss is the traffic and people constantly honking at each other, though, as far as such things go, my drive to San Jose was relatively uneventful and I even got to see a kick-ass rainbow.

enochsmiles and maradydd weren't home yet, so I hung out in a park with free wireless until they arrived. maradydd made pasta with vodka cream sauce while enochsmiles made mulch stew. We fed the latter to orchids and ate the yummy pasta ourselves, and played some crib with transparent cards.

All in all, a very nice day and a half. I have a couple more weekend days like that, and then I'm heading off to my conference.
Tags: bay area, food, friends, rainbows, san francisco

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