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inspection: passed

I spent 3 hours going around our new house with our inspector. I also got to meet one of the sellers, who seemed quite nice. Apparently, they just moved here from Montreal last August, but then his company pulled a contract and now they have to move back. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes... though I think I'd be more excited about moving to Montreal than they were.

Anyway, the house passed with flying colours. There were only a few minor things wrong. Probably the main issue is that the paint on the porch is in bad shape and needs to be fixed within the next couple of years. But I think all the suggested repairs on the inspection sheet net less than $1000, possibly significantly less.

I also learned a lot about the house. The inspector was great; he spent a lot of time answering my questions, explaining how things work, what I would need to maintain, and what I wouldn't need to maintain — which is almost everything. I think from the looks of it, we have to live in the house for about 8 years before we have to think about replacing anything. He also explained a lot about what it would take to put a darkroom in the basement, and it looks like it won't be that difficult or expensive. I wonder if it was easier to talk to him because he actually used to be a software developer, so we kind of speak the same language. Turns out that he built his own house in 1998 and liked doing it, so he quit the corporate world and went into construction and home inspection.

Walking around the house, he asked me if it felt like home yet. I said "not quite," but I really can't wait for it to be. Especially walking around that kitchen, and looking at the giant bathtub. I honestly can't remember the last time I had a bath!

The only real surprise, other than how well the place was maintained, was that the house turned out to be 7 years old, and not 5 like we thought. But it probably doesn't change much. We're meeting with the realtor again on Friday so that we can formulate a list of requested repairs / credits for the sellers. I'm not sure if it's really worth asking for much since, if we had known about the results of the inspection ahead of time, we would have offered exactly the same price for the house (if not more!) But maybe our agent will have some advice.

I took some more photos, mainly of the defects, but also of the bathroom and closets. I'm surprised the latter are not in any of the realtor photos, since they're a major selling point of the house. But I can't post anything yet because the card reader is at fanlain's office.
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