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Well, I missed half the workshop, but the half I saw was quite good, and I did get to chair my session, including the paper that showed an attack on OTR. (Which is now fixed!) It's nice to see people, though some of the key personae seem to be missing.

The view from my hotel is much nicer than the last one. Instead of a ventilation shaft, I get to see nice trees of all colours, with occasional high-rises dotting the landscape. Actually, earlier today I looked outside and had this total sense that I was in Ottawa. I never thought I'd feel nostalgic about living on the east coast (or a vague approximation thereof), but here I am.

The hotel is not without its flaws: the architecture is godawful (fortunately, I'm spending most of the time on the inside) and my room was air conditioned when I arrived. In November! And of course, the hotel wireless is flaky. It seems that most hotels can easily deal with a couple of people web browsing from their rooms, but when a computer science convention descends upon them, all hell breaks loose. Tonight, for some reason, their network was blocking port 80 and nothing else. I came to the lobby to find some people despairing, while others were browsing over SSH + lynx. I got to be the hero of the day for setting up a quick web proxy on a non-standard port.

Time to get some sleep; maybe I can actually make it to breakfast tomorrow morning.
Tags: conference, travel

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